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bookkeeping business for sale business in a box

Bookkeeping Business for Sale (business in a box) (Ref No:65407)

Bookkeeping Business for Sale (business in a box)

Ever thought about starting your own Bookkeeping Business? Are you already running a Bookkeeping Business? Are you thinking of expanding your Bookkeeping Business? Are you thinking of retiring from your Bookkeeping Business? I remember my first Bookkeeping Business …… I was working long 8 hour plus days, 7 days a week I was stressed to the max, I spent very little time with my family and I was getting sick often. I was not earning any income while sick. I was also not able to fulfill all my commitments to my clients. I did not have the time or the resources to take on staff because I was just too busy trying to keep my head above water. There were many times that I just wanted to give up …. But I stuck with it because I did not want to admit that I could not cope and I did not want to let my clients down any more than what I was already doing. Clients having to constantly wait for me to catch up and complete their work. I had some amazing understanding clients …. But, Unfortunately, my health got worse and I was forced to sell the business …. I moved to a warmer climate and took a break for 2.5 years working for Xero Accounting Software. I was exposed to some amazing cloud software technology that gave me the insights into how a successful bookkeeping business should run but without the stress and the long hours. It took me another 2.5 years to research, implement, develop and put together this comprehensive Hands-Free Bookkeeping Business System for you. The truth is, this Hands-Free Bookkeeping System has transformed my business and life and I want the same for you …. I really wish I knew what I know now when I started out with my first Bookkeeping Business. Because of my own trials and many, many errors, you now have a Hands Free Bookkeeping Business Formula you can easily follow to fast track your Bookkeeping Business to Success ….. So how do you get access to this information? Click below to book your appointment to join me for a FREE Discovery Session for all aspiring Bookkeepers who want to START, GROW, MERGE or SELL a Bookkeeping Business. During the session, we explore where you are now and where you want to be and then set about matching your dreams to the ideal solution for you if you are wanting to …. START - A Complete Hands-Free Bookkeeping Business IN A BOX. Everything you need to run a successful bookkeeping business. No Experience Needed No need to setup anything No need to figure anything out yourself. All the hard work has been done for you All the support you want or need is provided All you need is a recognized Bookkeeping Qualification and a passion to help SME’s succeed in their business GROW, MERGE or SELL - No matter where you are in your Bookkeeping Business Life Cycle, we have the solutions to TRANSFORM your business from being Hands-on to HANDS-FREE If you’ve ever wanted to own a SUCCESSFUL BOOKKEEPING BUSINESS where you work SMARTER not HARDER and where you get to work ON YOUR BUSINESS and not IN YOUR BUSINESS then ONE of our HANDS-FREE BOOKKEEPING BUSINESS packages is just right for YOU! WE TURN ACCOUNTANTS & BOOKKEEPERS INTO TRUSTED BUSINESS ADVISORS & CONSULTANTS who spend 80% of their time working on their business and 20% of their time on business administration & accounting processes. When you invest in a Hands-Free Business in a Box or Hands-Free Cloud Software System, you join a proven system that helps you grow and succeed in the new business reality which is Digital Technology. We coach and support you to become a key cloud consultant and advisor to your clients. WE REMOVE ALL THE GUESSWORK, MISTAKES & RISK – YOU FOLLOW OUR PROVEN HANDS FREE BUSINESS SOFTWARE FORMAT THAT HAS BEEN “100% DONE FOR YOU” You can own your own business without having to go through the stress and uncertainty of being in the start-up phase. Everything you need has been done for you – marketing software & systems; day to day operational software, systems, processes and manuals; ongoing training and other business-related templates – and we know it all works because we use the same systems you will be using in our own business! A Hands-Free Business Software System offers you a secure way to turn your dreams and business ambitions into reality. The Hands-Free Business System is NOT A FRANCHISE but has all the support and benefits of a franchise without the price tag and ongoing franchise fees. As a member of the Hands-Free Business network, you will become more than just a data entry clerk, number cruncher or seller of your time for money to small to medium-sized businesses. You will be at the coalface of what they need for their business to thrive and survive in a Digital Economy. We will coach and support you in providing your clients with all the services that a modern accounting practice provides. Book your obligation FREE Discovery Session with Erika by making an enquiry.

Category: Accounting and Bookkeeping

Price: $14999

State : Western Australia

City : Perth

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