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List of States in Australia

Australia comprises of 8 states and territories and is the world's sixth largest country by land area.

According to the Bureau of Statistics Opens in new window, Australia's population is over 22,328,800.

We have detailed wiki articles below highlighting useful and important information regarding all states and Territories of Australia. To find out more information about the states and territories of Australia follow the desired links below.

List of Capital Cities in Australia

Australia consist of 8 capital cities (one for each state). These capital cities also happen to be the most popular and most populated cities of Australia.

List of Business Sectors in Australia

Businesses, otherwise known as firms or enterprises are organizations which provide goods and services to the consumer.

Find out the rules and regulation or how particular industries perform and operate in Australia. Being familiar with the process of a particular niche would be an advantage before making a financial commitment.

Business Resources

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