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Australian Capital Territory

Map of Canberra Australia

The ACT Opens in new window is home to Australia's capital city, Canberra and is the eighth most populous city in Australia. Most Australian territories are large in size. The size of this territory, however, is not much more than the city limits.

It is physically located entirely within the state of New South Wales, in the far southeastern corner.

This city is somewhat unusual in design in comparison to other Australian cities. The entire layout was actually planned by two Chicago architects in 1913.

The city's design heavily incorporates many large areas of natural vegetation, giving it the nickname the "bush capital."

The city did not really begin to thrive until after World War II. Prime Minister Robert Menzies led a strong movement to promote its growth into a leading Australian city.

Business in the ACT

If you're looking for a business for sale in Canberra, there is plenty of opportunity. This city generally has a substantially lower unemployment rate than the national average.

It also has high levels of government and commercial employment, giving it the highest level of per capital income in Australia.

The main industry of this city is government administration and defense. This makes up almost 31% of the Gross Territory Product. If you're looking for a business opportunity in this area, contracting with the government may be a good option.

Several prominent software companies have relocated their operations to this area. In addition, many private and public investors are flocking to the region. Collectively, they are planning to make this capital city one of the leading data hubs in that area of the world.

Its future prospects for economic and business growth remain strong. The area has a strong educational base from which to draw bright students.

Two of the universities in this city have a strong research background. One of them is ranked among the best universities in the world.

Overall, it seems this city is primed for current and future economic growth.

Buying a business in the ACT represents an exciting prospect for long-term growth. With strong support for technological growth, there is plenty of support for software businesses. However, if you're looking at selling a business in the ACT, you should have many takers as well.

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