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Adelaide Opens in new window city is the capital of the Australian state of South Australia and is also the nation's fifth largest city. It has a population of approximately 1.2 million.

The city is situated on the eastern shores of the Gulf of St. Vincent. It serves as the commercial center of the state of South Australia.

It's noted as a center of culture, as it hosts many festivals and sporting events. The location is also noted for its celebration and love of wine. Like many other Australian localities, it is noted for its high livability.

Business in Adelaide

Adelaide is noted for high employment levels in health care and social services. Manufacturing is also another large sector of employment. Retail is also another strong sector.

Nearly half of all cars made in Australia are produced in Adelaide. If you are considering something related to the auto industry, this region has ample opportunity.

The high-tech electronics industry is also thriving in the area. It has been exploding in growth for the last several years. Employment in this industry is escalating rapidly.

If you find a high-tech business for sale in Adelaide, you have an opportunity primed for growth. If you can get a reasonable price, you may want to seize the chance.

Many companies related to national defense are also present in the area. Many have been awarded new production contracts by the government.

One advantage to this city is that the cost of living is much lower than that of other Australian locales. Average worker income remains at about the national average. It may be easier to attract employees to this region than others.

The education level of people in Adelaide is also high. Education-related jobs are continuing to gain importance in the city. The city is attempting to position itself as an national education leader.

While many Australian cities are well-known for their great infrastructure, this one ranks near the top. The layout was planned well from the start and is spacious enough to accommodate modern traffic.

Unemployment in the region remains low. The government is looking to substantially grow the population and economy of the area. It also would like to keep the local community more sustainable.

The government is also undertaking an effort to improve public sector processes and efficiency. In the future, it is looking to build public sector skills and increase the city's appeal to business.

It is also taking a strong stance in protecting key areas of production. For example, industrial land will be dedicated especially towards that purpose.

Land that is near a transport or freight route will also be protected. Residential areas will expand, but they will not be able to develop industrial land.

Public transport may be expanded to accommodate growth in employment. The goal is to reduce travel distances and increase convenience.

If you are considering buying a business in Adelaide, it has many strengths like other Australian cities. Selling a business in Adelaide, however, may work out well if you can locate the right opportunity.

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