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Agriculture & Livestock

agriculture in Australia

In Australia, the agricultural Opens in new window and livestock industry is one of the largest and most profitable of all industries. About one-eighth of the nation’s gross domestic product results from this industry.

The major products of this industry include cattle, wheat, milk, fruit, nuts, vegetables, wool, and barley. Other major crops include sorghum, cottonseed, canola, oats, and lupins.

For the most part, the region does not export too much of its fruits and nuts. Most of these crops are consumed domestically.

Agriculture & Livestock Business

If you’re looking for an agriculture & livestock business for sale, learn more about the industry first. Jumping right in may be exciting, but most often it leads to long-term failure.

“Agriculture” and “livestock” are two very broad sectors. Depending upon your physical location, there are many different directions you can go.

Interesting agricultural ideas include things such as viticulture, which is the production of wine. Whatever type of business it is that you choose, be sure to perform extensive research first.

It is better to learn early on that a certain idea won’t work because it will be much more costly if it fails later on.

In order to get this type of organization started, the first thing to do is to make sure you have enough land. The next step is to determine whether or not registration with the government is required.

One important item to keep in mind is that, if you need to use pesticides, certifications may be required for that also. Getting all the proper paperwork in place can be difficult. Ask local farmer’s cooperatives for help, if needed.

Keep in mind the impact this type of business can have on neighbors. Dust, noise, traffic, and odors may irritate neighbors.

These issues can quickly become legal issues. Too much noise could be considered noise pollution. If pesticides contaminate the local water supply, people may develop health conditions.

Finally, keep in mind the important issue of taxes. Farms sometimes receive special breaks or grants from the government. Talk with others in your specific industry to learn the details.

Buying an agriculture & livestock business has its ins and outs, just like anything else. But, maybe you’ve been lucky, your business has done well, and now you’re selling an agriculture & livestock business at a nice profit.

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