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Canberra Opens in new window is the capital of Australia and is its own territory. The size does not extend too far beyond the city's limits. Physically, it is located within the far southeastern corner of New South Wales.

The city has a modest population of 345,000. It did not begin to thrive strongly until after World War II. The prime minister engaged in a campaign to promote the importance of the city.

The city contains many isolated areas of vegetation, providing its residents with an attractive living appeal. The capital site was selected in 1908, and the capital was designed by two Chicago architects.

The city has a strong strategic location between large state capitals Sydney and Melbourne. A modern freeway and hundreds of flights ensure easy access to each of these cities.

Business in Canberra

This city manages to keep an unemployment rate far below the national rate. Due to the ample public sector and commercial employment available, citizens enjoy a high quality of life.

The disposable income available to the average citizen is the highest in the nation. If you are looking for a business opportunity, this may be an interesting fact.

The primary industry in Canberra is government administration. Developing a business around this industry may be your best opportunity. Or, consider a business for sale in Canberra.

The Australian Defense Force headquarters and a naval communications center operate in the area. Many businesses capitalize on their presence by contracting out to these organizations.

Many investors have gathered together with the aim of developing the city into an important data hub. If you are interested in a software company, your chances for success are ripe.

The business sector, however, is growing. Like other Australian states, it has organizations available to ease the process of starting a business in the city.

These services provide assistance with just about every imaginable aspect of starting a business. Services are available for helping entrepreneurs to locate all the licenses and registrations necessary.

They will also connect you to any available government grants and loans. They can also help you get connected with a variety of helpful contacts.

Canberra's gross state product actually increased more than the national economy over the first decade of the 2000s. And, it actually continued to grow during the worst of the global economic downturn.

The sale of goods and services in Canberra have increased more than in any other state. The nation as a whole also receives high accolades for business-friendly regulation.

The Australian workforce as a whole has one of the world's highest levels of education. Canberra has the highest numbers of employees with bachelors and graduate degrees.

In a nation with already high levels of productivity, the Canberran workforce has productivity levels 30% above the national average. The city is also home to many industry associations.

If you are considering buying a business in Canberra, now is a great time. There is plenty of future economic opportunity. Selling a business in Canberra may work out well, as prices and demand are currently high.

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