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Caravan Parks

Caravan Parks in Australia

Caravan Parks Opens in new window type of company represents a popular stopping place for Australian tourists and vacationers. Several states rely largely on tourism as a source of income.

With so many natural wonders available to tourists, this type of company represents a strong business opportunity.

Caravan Parks Business

Starting this type of company is fairly difficult, as there are many regulations to follow. Before you even worry about those, however, it's important to perform extensive market research.

Your local bank or governing authority may require a well-researched proposal. This proposal will require information such as what amenities you will provide. It should also discuss the size of lots.

The more research and effort you put into the proposal, the more headaches you will save later on.

This information helps the authorities and bank determine whether your idea will even work. If your research reveals a caravan parks business for sale, consider purchasing it. Only do so, however, if the business seems as though it will grow in the future.

The more enterprising person, however, will want to startup his or her own company. After thorough research, work with local zoning authorities. You'll need several types of permits that may differ by locality.

This part of the startup phase can take extensive time to finish. Some jurisdictions may require you to provide a statement detailing your business's impact on the environment.

Next, you'll have to develop the land for customer usage. Have the park paved and landscaped and have water and electric access installed. Hire a contractor to build a pool, spa, and clubhouse, if those are a part of the plan.

Earlier research should have revealed pricing packages for other area parks. Set your rates and run specials from time to time. Test out different strategies and see what works.

As the park nears completion, advertise it via every source possible. Use the local newspaper. Target the internet and travel magazines. Have professional-quality photos available to wet the appetites of potential customers.

Buying a caravan parks business may save much time. Dealing with local authorities can cause many hassles. Or, maybe you're already running a successful caravan park. If so, maybe you would consider selling a caravan parks business.

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