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Darwin Opens in new window is the least populated of all of Australia's capital cities, with just 127,500 people. It is, however, the most populated of all cities in the Northern Territory.

The area serves as an important gateway to Asia. The region has a tropical climate with both a wet and dry season.

Because of a large cyclone in 1974, the city had to be completely rebuilt. However, this has led to it becoming one of the most modern and diverse Australian cities.

As is the case with most of the country's cities, the area is one of the best places in the world to reside. It should not be difficult to convince employees to relocate.

Business in Darwin

Mining and tourism are the two dominant sectors in this city. Gold, zinc, bauxite, and manganese are among the most important minerals.

The nearby Timor Sea allows for significant oil and natural gas production. This should lead to Darwin's growing importance as a port. Federal spending also helps provide a healthy boost to the city's economy.

The city has also begun several major construction projects. The projects will span across the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors.

Like most other Australian cities, Darwin is experiencing strong growth. It also has a high quality of life. Workers should be easy to attract to the region.

Nearby foreign nations, such as Japan, are also investing in the areas nearby Darwin heavily. The city is primed for a population and property boom in the coming years.

Many facts and figures are leading economic analysts to believe the region is perfect for investment. If you are considering a business for sale in Darwin, you have ample opportunity for growth.

Unemployment in Darwin remains at a relatively low level. And, with its readiness for growth, employees should be easy to attract and retain.

As in other Australian cities, the quality of life is high, even compared to most locations across the globe. Disposable income is about average.

On an international level, nations from across the world view Australia as the ideal regulatory environment. Government regulation fosters the growth and success of many kinds of business.

It is increasing funding for knowledge-based professions and industries, recognizing that is the future of prosperity. The workforce will be able to work remotely from the region, possibly serving Asia.

At the national level, Australia has experienced growth every year for nearly the last 20 years. It will likely be one of the most prosperous nations for years into the future. This comparison also includes every leading nation.

Nationally, Australia was one of the most resilient during the recent economic downturn. Many analysts rank it as one of the safest places to invest in the present and future.

No matter what angle you look at it, starting and running a company in Darwin has a high chance for success. Now is the time to seize the right opportunity that presents itself.

If you are looking at selling a business in Darwin, the area has strong prospects, like most Australian cities. Additionally, buying a business in Darwin may work well with the growth projected.

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