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Education & Tutoring

Education and Tutoring in Australia

As a business, tutoring Opens in new window is growing around the world. At least 25% of students at various educational levels receive private tutoring. In many regions, families spend more on private education than public education.

Many estimates continue to show this industry is growing despite the slowed growth in the global economy.

Education and Tutoring Business

If you're looking for an education and tutoring business for sale, you may have difficulty. With growth in the industry continuing, owners may not be looking to sell. However, if you do find one, you might strongly consider making the purchase.

First, think of a memorable name for your organization. Check with local authorities to see if you need any special permits or licenses. Legalities vary by region.

The cost to begin your tutoring company can vary widely. You can start one in your home for a very minor cost. Or you can rent office space and employ other tutors, which costs much more.

You can also use the opportunity to run this type of company out of your home to see if you like it or not. With nominal startup costs, it's not the end of the world if things don't work out.

Certification to be a tutor is not required, but experience in one or more subjects can be helpful to start. You should also possess great people skills. Parents will be pressuring you to help their child improve.

Next, figure out what grade levels and subjects you plan to target. Create a repertoire of services your firm offers.

You may choose to offer online services. However, these are typically less profitable than in-person service.

Next develop your policies and be sure to include items such as terms for payment, cancellation, and rescheduling. Determine also how the student's performance will be evaluated.

Marketing is the initial challenge when you begin in this industry. Contact local schools and offer them your services. If you are a parent, ask your children if they have classmates struggling in certain subjects.

You could also purchase ad space on websites or in the local newspaper.

From there, let word of mouth advertising among parents do your advertising for you. If you provide great customer service and deliver results, you're sure to succeed.

Buying an education and tutoring business is something you probably don't want to pass up. However, be sure you have the skills first, otherwise you might end up selling an education and tutoring business.

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