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Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing in Australia

The lawn Opens in new window maintenance industry continues to grow at a solid pace. Although it took a hit during the economic downturn, spending with disposable income is increasing.

Temperate regions with a stable rainfall are the most profitable. This means grass grows quickly, but there are also enough days available to mow.

Most companies are fairly small, but there are some companies with many employees.

Lawn Mowing Business

If you choose to start this type of company, there are many advantages. You can simply start small and mow part of the day or on weekends.

You can also have a short commute if you work in your own locality. You also get a decent amount of exercise.

Another benefit is low startup costs. You can get started with a small personal loan if you would like. You don't need a physical office outside of your home.

Once you purchase the equipment, it should last you for several years at the least.

One of the challenges you'll encounter includes getting to know more than just the basics. You also will have to handle dangerous machinery at times. And, that machinery might break down.

And, you will have to struggle through unprofitable winter months.

One great upside is that in this industry, the sky is the limit in terms of profitability. Many companies experienced great profits the first year and even better profits later on.

When you first begin, you will be able to handle about 20 to 30 clients per week. The services to offer include mowing, fertilizing, and chemical application.

You might consider a lawn mowing business for sale because it represents such a lucrative opportunity.

Accurately estimating costs for work completed is relatively difficult. Competition is fierce, so do what you can to make sure you don't price too high. Calculate the size of your own yard and request prices from competitors.

You don't have to price yourself at the bottom either. Price in somewhere in the middle or top, and you should be okay. Your professionalism will help justify a higher price.

If you're considering selling a lawn mowing business, you should be able to find a great price. Consider buying a lawn mowing business also because the industry is very lucrative.

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