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The fourth largest city in the nation of Australia, and the capital of Western Australia, is Perth Opens in new window. The city has a population of nearly 1.7 million.

The Swan River flows through the center of the city. The state of Western Australia is loaded with resources, and Perth acts as its business and administration center.

The city has grown over the past years much faster than the national average. Like other major Australian cities, it has extensive opportunity for continued growth. It is also one of the world's most livable cities.

The city experiences the most average hours of sunlight per day. It also features a friendly and laid-back attitude, making it an attractive place to live and work.

Business in Perth

Despite the strength of the mining, petroleum, and agricultural industries around the state, Perth dominates the economy. In particular, the service industry has experienced continued growth.

Most of these services, not surprisingly, are provided to industries extracting the region's rich resources. Agriculture services are also strong.

Because the city is somewhat isolated from the rest of the continent, it has not developed a diverse manufacturing base. Any manufactured goods needed were imported.

The University of Western Australia is widely respected as one of the country's leading research institutions. The local population enjoys a fairly high level of education.

Many hotels have been remodeled within the city recently. Many word-class restaurants have also introduced themselves in the same area. Both play a significant role in supporting corporate events.

The city itself is large enough to handle significant national events. Services supporting large events may thrive in this city. Consider a business for sale in Perth.

The area's wine region is located a short 30-minute drive away from the city. Viticulture remains a popular industry in the area.

Perth's infrastructure is strong. The airport is a short 30-minute ride from the outskirts of the city. It is also planning to substantially invest in developing further infrastructure.

There are also plans for creating mixed residential, industrial, and commercial developments outside of Perth. With high levels of continued growth, many business opportunities will be available.

The city is also planning on creating more business parks and industrial sites within its limits. The area is exploding with economic growth all over.

The city's population is expected to grow by nearly 33% in the next 16 years. The region will experience dramatic change. It will be interesting to see how government determines zoning will work.

Other Australian cities will experience dramatic growth as well. But, none of the other Australian cities will experience as much growth.

If your business was ever going to succeed, this region would be the place to allow it. Search hard for an opportunity if you cannot find one.

If you are considering buying a business in Perth, you have many lucrative opportunities from which to choose. However, if you are thinking about selling a business in Perth, hold on for a while, as you may receive a better price.

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