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Sydney Harbour

Sydney Opens in new window has the largest population of all cities in Australia and is the state capital of New South Wales. The entire metropolitan area has approximately 4.6 million people.

Sydney is one of the most livable cities in the world. It is also known for two prominent monuments – the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The city itself contains many famous parks and is actually surrounded by many national parks. It has hosted major national events such as the 1938 British Empire Games and the 2000 Summer Olympics.

If people are able to afford the higher living costs of the city, they are happy to move there in a heartbeat. You will have plenty of options for hiring.

Business in Sydney

Business in this region explodes when different international, or even state and national, events are held. But, as a business owner, you don’t want to depend on seasonal income.

With 4.6 million people in the urban area, the region is clearly ripe with opportunity. The city acts as the financial hub for the entire continent. If you are going to succeed anywhere, this is the place.

The city actually accounts for nearly 25% of the entire nation’s gross domestic product. If you weren’t considering a business for sale in Sydney, you might be now!

Property services, services to companies, retail, manufacturing, health, and community services are the strongest industries. There are many available shopping districts throughout the entire city.

Caltex Australia, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, and Woolworths are 4 of the 10 largest corporations in the nation. They all have headquarters in the city.

The city has a relatively low unemployment rate, and also a high standard of living. If you need employees, they will be happy to relocate to the area.

The previous premier of Australia held multiple marketing events to attract companies to the area. If you are an entrepreneur, or if you are looking to make a purchase, this is a great place.

The area also has a very reliable system of infrastructure. Much of the workforce also has substantial education. Nearly 600 multinational companies call the area their headquarters.

The state also has a regulatory environment which supports economic growth. Risk is minimized by open governmental policy and a stable political and social environment.

The region has dramatically increased its exports to Asia, which is also growing economically. Exports in general have continued to grow every year for the past several years.

New South Wales also provides free trade and investment services for prospective investors. It helps companies locate information to make solid and informed decisions.

In fact, it has free services available for helping with just about every aspect of running a company. If you need to locate employees, learn what regulations apply, or access to suppliers, the state will help you.

If you are considering buying a business in Sydney it’s time to stop thinking and start acting! The region is ripe with opportunity. If you are thinking about selling a business in Sydney, you should have plenty of takers.

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