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Tasmania Australia

Map of Tasmania Australia

Tasmania Opens in new window is an island and state of Australia, just 150 miles south of the main continent. This island is the 26th largest in the world and also has 334 surrounding islands.

Astonishingly, the island maintains a fairly decent population of nearly 500,000. A significant portion of the state lies in reserves and national parks.

The capital of the island is Hobart, which contains about 180,000 citizens. Launceston is the second largest city, with about 67,000 citizens. Devonport is the state's third largest city, with a population around 25,000.

Business in Tasmania Australia

If you're looking for a business for sale in Tasmania, now may be one of the better times to look. Historically, the economy has been somewhat erratic. Lack of highway infrastructure, open immigration, and population have harmed Tasmania.

It has also experienced a decline in traditionally strong industries such as wool and minerals.

However, the region is now experiencing some economic stabilization. A small percentage of the population is employed in governmental occupations.

Small business is very much a large part of life on the island. Several companies have experienced dramatic success. This was due to their ability to obtain cheap access to broadband fiber-optic connections.

The tourism industry has also experienced notable success. The entire Australian continent has recently seen great economic improvement. Cheaper air fares and recently added ferries have contributed to the island's economic growth.

The state does possess a fairly large public sector. The island may have more government jobs per person than any other region of Australia.

Another large industry is the processed metals industry. It brings in nearly 1.3 billion Australian dollars per year. Zinc and aluminum are the two most highly produced metals.

Another fairly large industry is the manufactured goods industry. Textiles, machinery, automotive parts, shipbuilding, and mining equipment are produced the most.

The island's wood and paper accounts for about half of the value of all related Australian exports. The island has also recently increased the number of factories dedicated to producing particleboard.

Finally, the region also has a fairly large seafood industry. Roughly 150 million Australian dollars each year result from related business activities.

When selling a business in Tasmania, you certainly have ample opportunity in several areas. However, if you are buying a business in Tasmania, you may want to focus on industries related to natural resources.

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