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Victoria Australia

Map of Victoria Australia

Victoria Opens in new window is by far the most densely populated Australian state. It is located in the far southeast of Australia. This state is bordered largely by the Pacific Ocean.

Population centers are spread out all over the state. It has highways centering in Melbourne connected to all other major cities and rural areas.

Its land borders are formed by New South Wales and South Australia. The island of Tasmania lies directly to the south.

Most of the population, about 75%, lives in the capital city, Melbourne.

Business in Victoria

After New South Wales, this region has the second largest economy in Australia. It accounts for approximately a quarter of the nation's gross domestic product.

If you are looking for a business for sale in Victoria, you should not have too much of a problem.

Most of the income is produced by companies in the finance, insurance, and property services industries. However, the largest employers are the community and social services sectors.

Unfortunately, due to the decline in traditionally strong industries such as manufacturing, this state has a high unemployment rate.

The state also has a fairly strong agriculture industry. A majority of the land in the state is used specifically for farming. About 24% of the value of all Australian agricultural production results from Victorian farming.

Other traditional business types, such as manufacturing and mining, still account for a noticeable portion of the nation's GDP. However, both industries have steadily been on the decline.

By far, the service industry is the fastest growing industry in the state. As of 2005, nearly 75% of all workers were employed in a service-related industry. Those workers generate about 75% of the value of all goods and services in the state.

Melbourne has a very well designed system of infrastructure. It possesses the world's largest tram network. It also has multiple airports, and the largest shipping port for general cargo in Australia.

If you are looking to do business in Victoria, then this area presents one of the best opportunities in the nation. If buying a business in Victoria interests you, there is certainly plenty of available opportunity, but for those looking at selling a business in Victoria, there is certainly great opportunities also.

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