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pay per enquiry

The Pay Per Enquiry (PPE) model is exclusive to Biz Trader. Pay as you go for only $10 and discount packages make it even cheaper. Unlimited Free response options also available.     

Being able to list a Business for FREE and only paying for genuine qualified enquiries is at the core of the Biz Trader model. We believe in getting results and if Biz Trader doesn't generate leads you don't pay anything! At Biz Trader, Sellers only pay for genuine and qualified enquiries generated by real people looking for the right business opportunity.

Buyer Qualification

So how are Buyers qualified? Well, interested Buyers make contact with Sellers through the listing by using the Contact Seller fields under each business for sale listing. Along with being able to make some comments the Buyer has to provide some 'More About You' information that assists in qualifying the enquiry. The qualifying questions have been carefully constructed and selected through years of industry experience. These simple to answer questions are designed to promote communication and to ensure the Seller gains some confidence in the enquiry before making contact.

Qualifying questions include:

  • Location of Buyer
  • Do You Have Pre approval for a Business Loan? Yes / No
  • Do You have previous Industry Experience? Yes / No
  • I am Happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement? Yes / No
  • I would like to see some current financials for the business? Yes / No
  • Do you have to sell an existing business in order to proceed? Yes / No

Seller Confidence

Once the Seller receives notification of an enquiry they have access to the Buyers questions and can review any written comments or questions. The Seller has a number of unlimited FREE responses that can be made to the Buyer. These responses include:

  • Business Under Contract
  • Business Sold
  • Business Under Negotiation

However, if the Seller is satisfied with the enquiry and wants to make direct contact with the prospective Buyer they can then use the 'Pay Per Enquiry' model . You can either pay as you go or you can purchase Pay Per Enquiry (PPE) credit packages (listed below) to ensure you receive maximum value for money. Access to the PPE packages are through your account and include:

  • 1x PPE Credit for $10 – Pay as you go.
  • 3x PPE Credits for $27
  • 5x PPE Credits for $40
  • 10x PPE Credits for $70 – Best value for individual listing.
  • 20x PPE Credits for $100 – Perfect for multiple listings.
  • Unlimited PPE Credits for $85 per month – Brokers all the way! 

The Pay Per Enquiry (PPE) works because you only pay for results. Biz Trader Buyers are genuine and qualified and Sellers have confidence in the leads they receive. So what are you waiting for…let's get started and list a Business for FREE.