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  • Sue, S.A

    We can't thank the staff at BizTrader.com.au enough. Not only did they provide a great service at an afforable price, but they were very friendly to deal with. I needed help editing my advert on a number of occasions and they were very helpful.

  • Vincent, Perth, WA

    I was the owner of a fishing charter business on the sunshine coast and had to sell up and move to Sydney. At first, I only advertised in QLD using local papers. I tried this method for about 4 weeks with no success. Then I heard about BizTrader.com.au

  • Xavier, Frenches Forest, NSW

    Biz Trader.com.au is definitely the most affordable advertising I have ever come across. Unlimited words, photos and a 12 month duration. We listed our franchise and had a great response. Thanks to all the staff at Bizrader.com.au for all their

  • David (Dymocks Bookstore North Sydney)

    Hi Andy, I've sold the business! The lead came Biz Trader and I am so happy. Please accept my thanks and I'd appreciate it if you could now delete the business from your site. Thanks,

  • James & Karen

    We seen Biz Trader on ACA (A Current Affair) channel 9 one night and they were talking about buying and selling businesses. Seeing as though ACA were endorsing Biz Trader and we were about to advertise our business, we thought we would give it a

  • John and Pam, Brisbane,QLD

    I seen an advertisement for Biz Trader on the cover of a business classifieds magazine, so I jumped online and checked it out. It had a very professional layout and I liked the fact that they did not charge commission. I listed my Transport Business

  • Greg, Darlinghurst, NSW

    My Company offers franchise opportunities and I'm always looking for other avenues of advertising. I came across Biz Trader via google and thought I'd give it a go. It was affordable and ranked high in google. After the first 2 weeks, I had 5 genuine

  • Emma, Sydney

    "...Your services are excellent, no mucking around and you were willing to help us out from the first day we contacted you. You made it all so simple. We would definitely recommend using Biz Trader.com.au to anyone serious about selling their busines

  • Darren Cate, CEO, Neal St Partners

    Within 1 hour of listing our online internet business for sale with Biz Trader, we had our first enquiry. We are pleased to say we finalised the sale in only 15 days. We would not hesitate to recommend Biz Trader, and will certainly use this site again.

  • Matthew

    We listed our business in late November of 2009 and had an awesome response within days! We sold and finalized contracts in early January. Thanks Biz Trader!

  • Sarah, Sydney, NSW

    Awesome site! I have been in the market for a cafe for about 6 months. My dream came true when I seen one advertised at Biz Trader. Easy search functions which made my experience enjoyable.

  • Mal

    I sold my business at Biz Trader early last year after only 3 weeks of advertising and I am happy to say I just purchased a new business through Business Trader. Great website!

  • Pam

    We had heard of Biz Trader through a friend, so we decided to give it a go. Great results and a great price. We sold our cafe in just under 6 weeks.

  • Stephen Boyle

    My wife and I listed our franchise for sale in Jan 2010 and we had 3 genuine enquiries the same day. We are glad to say that our franchise is now sold. We are now actually looking at buying another business we found at Biz Trader!

  • Greg Babb

    We advertised our business for 12 months for only $149.95 and sold within 6 weeks. We saved thousands of dollars on agent commission by advertising with www.BizTrader.com.au.

  • Paul and Denise Creeper

    Hi Andy, We have sold our Commercial Cleaning Business! The person who purchased our business made contact with us just 24 hours after we listed with Biz Trader. Thank you for making the sale of our business a cheap and easy process.

  • Toni Christensen

    Thank you Biz Trader. You can now remove my listing as my business has sold. Great website! My business sold in only 2 months. I am a very happy customer.

  • Angela Myer

    Hi Andy, Just letting I sold my business through your site and it took less than 2 months. I highly recommend using Biz Trader to people considering selling their business privately.

  • Angela Myers

    I sold my web business on Biz Trader in just 6 weeks. I had over 15 enquiries and 300 plus page views. I have since spent two months looking on all business sales websites, and have found Business-Trader the easiest to use.

  • Mike and Nicole

    We saved over $24,000 by selling our small business privately through Biz Trader. We didn't know we would sell our business so fast!

  • Steve - Green Link Horticultural Services

    This businesss has been successsfully sold thanks to Biz Trader.

  • Vera and Julius - Florey Takeaway

    Thanks Biz Trader for your fantastic services. Our business has been sold! Florey Takeaway.

  • Inger Beulah - Bling Indulgence

    In only 4 weeks I have been successful in selling my business via your website Biz Trader. Please remove it from the site so I don't get anymore enquiries?

  • Alan Jenkins

    We sold our mobile coffee van via after 3 enquires via Biz Trader and we couldn't be happier.

  • Kerrie King

    After a day of my ad being listed, I had many enquiries about my business. Within two weeks of the listing being active, the business was sold. Thanks Biz Trader!

  • Big River Printwear - Val Pinney

    Our business sold through Biz Trader and were very happy with the result!

  • Fiona Johnson - Aussentially You

    My buyer saw the Ad on Biz Trader. He approached me to say that he was interested. Three Weeks later the contract was signed. Thanks!

  • David

    I have build a brand new business from scratch using only Biz Trader leads. In just 76 days I have turned a $7,000 investment into a residual income of approximately $9,000 per week!!! Thank you Biz Trader, thank you" Dave, Marketing Consultant

  • Don

    Very good response. Lots of enquiries. Sold to a lovely couple who we wish all the best. Thank You Andy - Biz Trader.

  • Clair Maurice

    Hire An Umbrella is sold! After only 4 weeks on your site, we are glad to say we have sold! Thanks Andy and the team at Biz Trader.

  • Andrew

    I was really pleased with the result in being able to sell my online business within 2 months of listing. I chose the Ultimate Package with a listing on the homepage and was surprised with the number of enquiries. Thx for a professional and easy advertising platform.

  • Ross

    I have sold my business within 6 weeks of the new add and wanted to say thank you for your assistance with advice and being contactable. Your quick responses and affordable marketing of my business really helped the sale, thank you.

  • Susanne Knowles

    Hi Andy, We are glad to say that we have sold our two restaurants Raphael's Restaurant and Baxter's Restaurant.

  • Alan - Maldon Takeaway

    We have sold our business Maldon Takeaway, so please remove the ad from your listing. Thankyou for your advertising, it has paid off. Regards.

  • Tony Funge - Bonbeach Cafe

    Over the last few years I must have paid out $20k if not more to business Agents and Brokers. To list a business with a broker is approx is $3000 to $4000 and its rare if they bring through a hand full of interested prospects. I am shocked at the response

  • Julie Nel

    I have sold my business not long after uploading it to your site. We had great exposure through your website and would highly recommend using your services.

  • Dennis & Shirley Lyall

    Thank you for listing our business. We are pleased to advise that our business has just been sold!

  • Brian Colyer

    Contracts for the sale of the business have been exchanged and settlement is expected on 20/12/11. Great website!

  • The Mustering Yard Bar & Grill - Patsy

    Great site! We sold our business within weeks and couldn't be happier.

  • Ian Scarce - I & G Vending

    Hi Andy - Thank you for your excellent service, as a result I have sold my business. Please remove my advertisement.

  • Sasha - Green Kids

    Hi Andy, I have had an amazing response to my business listing 'Green Kids' and have had an offer that I am in the process of accepting.

  • Nadine - Nab That Job!

    I have had more response from your site than any other website, so well done on a great site!

  • Phillip & Angela Glover, Moo Choo

    Hi Andy, Just informing you we have sold our business!! Thanks for your help.

  • Niraj Kharel

    This is to inform you that our convenience store has been sold in only 4 weeks! Settlement is on 12/04/2011. We can't thank you enough. Great website!

  • Ray Van Haven - BlyGold Australia

    We have been successful in selling all the franchises we advertised. Thank you for your support during this time.

  • Sean

    We were pleasently surprised when we sold our tranport business in approx 4 weeks. Since this sale the purchaser has acquired 2 more freight businesses from me. I am now a millionaire!

  • Darryl Fitness

    Hi Andy, I have sold my lawnmowing business thanks to you guys.

  • Nick Nicholson

    Thanks Andy. Job done and business sold!

  • Sandy Barbara

    Hi Andy, just letting you know that I have sold my business and Light House Laundry in Perth WA. Settlement took place on 29th October. Thank you for your service.

  • Peter Bates

    Thanks very much for a VERY FAST listing service, unbelievable how quick. It only took about 30 mins from application-start to online listing. Thanks for your immediate support and listing action. Its EXACTLY what I wanted.

  • Joanne Trifunovski

    Hi Andy I just wanted to let you know this web site was the most successful chance I had at selling my Beauty business. It was great value and within 3 weeks of the listing I had sold my business!! I have also recommended the site to a friend.

  • Lucy Andrews

    Hi Andy, I would like to advise you that my business has now been sold via your website and can now be remove. We are very happy with this excellent result. Thank you, Lucy Andrews

  • Tim Mackintosh

    I would like to inform you that we have accepted an offer on our business City Models which has been on your site since 18th November 2009. You will be happy to learn that the buyer saw the advert on your site. Thank you for selling our business.

  • Kelly

    I recently sold my hydro dog trailer business through your website. I would highly recommend giving your website a go!

  • Bec

    Hi Andy, After advertising my business at your site, we found a buyer within approx two weeks. Thanks, Regards,

  • God Bless, Katherine

    I uploaded my website for sale on the 2nd July 2009 and it was sold to the first enquiry literally 1 week later. I heard that this site was good, but to be honest I never expected it to be this good!

  • Wilson, Double Bay,NSW

    I advertised a Video Shop on your website recently. The response has been overwhelming! Nearly 150 views and 6 enquiries in just 1 week. It's not sold yet, but with the feedback we're getting, I don't think it'll take too long."

  • Tanya & Max

    We placed our Pet Shop for sale after seeing your 6 month FREE special and sold our business after 7 weeks.

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